Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cowherd boy

Coming to the banks of Pavan Sarovar, Sanatana Gosvami entered into some woods there, and giving up food and water, he became absorbed in intense meditation on the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Govinda. Sri Krsna, who is within the heart of everyone, could understand that His devotee was going without food, so He came there in the dress of a cowherd boy, with a pot of milk in His hand, and stood smiling before Sanatana Gosvami. [B.R. 5/1303]

"Baba! I brought some milk for you."

"Oh Lala! Why have you gone to such trouble for me?"

"I saw you are sitting here for so long without any food."

"How do you know that I am not eating anything?"

"I come here to pasture my cows and I watch you to see what you are doing. But you never take any food."

"You should have sent someone else, you are just a small boy. You have suffered some difficulty in bringing this milk here for me."

"Na, na, Baba. It was no trouble. At home everyone else was busy, so I was happy to be able to come myself."

Sanatan Gosvami requested the boy to sit down while he transferred the milk into another container.

"Na Baba! I can't sit down now. It is almost sunset. I have to milk my cows now. I will come to get the pot tomorrow."

When when Sanatana looked up there was no one there. He could understand Sri Krsna Himself had brought him this milk. With tears of love streaming down his cheek, he drank the milk. From that day he gave up fasting and would go to beg some food-stuffs from the Brijabasis. The Brijabasis also built him a small hut.

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