Monday, April 1, 2019


Below are the symbols on charan sila :

  1. Foot Print 
  2. Flute, 
  3. Stick 
  4. Cows footprint

Everyday Sri Sanatana Gosvami would circumambulate the fourteen mile circumference of Govardhan hill. As he became advanced in years this became somewhat difficult, but he was not inclined to give up his vow. Krsna, however could understand that it was difficult for him, so He came to him one day dressed as a cowherd boy.

"Baba! You have become old now, so I think it isn't necessary for you to circumambulate Govardhan hill anymore."

"No. Lala! This is my regular vow, my worship."

"You can renounce this vow in your old age."

"No Lala. One should never renounce his vows."

"Baba. I have a very good idea, if you will accept it."

"If it is acceptable surely I will accept it."

Then Sri Krsna presented him a stone from Govardhan hill with the imprint of His foot, a calf's foot print and the impressions of a stick and flute in it.

"Baba! This is a Govardhan sila."

"What will I do with this?"

"You can circumambulate this sila, and that will be the same as circumambulating Giri Govardhan." Saying this much the cow herd boy disappeared. Then Sanatana could understand that Giriraja Himself had presented His worshippable form to him and from that day he would circumambulate this sila.

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