Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wherever Sri Sanatana and Sri Rupa would go throughout Vraja, in all the various villages the two brothers were much adored by the Brajabasis, who would feed them milk and yogurt. They in turn would see the Vrajavasis as Krsna's own family members and respect them in that way. Though it was not their business to engage in ordinary gossip, with the Brajavasis they would inquire about their well-being, e.g.

  1. how many sons and daughters they had and who had been married where,

  2. what everyone's various names were,

  3. how their cows were giving milk,

  4. how the bulls wewre working in the fields,

  5. how the harvest was going on,

  6. who had fallen ill and if they were getting better or not.

In this way Rupa and Sanatana became the life of the villagers and the Brijabasis also became the life of Rupa and Sanatana.

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