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Radha crowned queen by all rivers and goddesses

At the request of Rupa and Raghunatha Gosvamis, Srila Jiva Goswami narrated this story in his Madhava-mahotsava. One day, in a secluded grove not far from Nanda-grama, Sri Krishna met with goddess Vrinda-devi and devised a scheme by which Sri Radha would be glorified by vraja-vasis and demigods alike. Although the Goddess of fortune reigns throughout the three worlds, being pleased with Sri Radha, Sri Hari desired to make Her the Queen of His own home-land, Sri Vrindavana.

On that day Vrinda-devi manifested a divine voice which echoed throughout all of Vraja. Addressing Paurnamasi in a voice like thunder, it said, "0 queen of yogis, quickly bathe Sri Radha, who is the Candra-Laksmi, the lunar goddess of beauty arisen from the ocean of matchless attributes, upon a jewel-studded golden throne in universally-praised Vrindavana! Just as the rays of the moon nourish the entire earth, so the luster of Sri Radha’s abhisheka will bring matchless good fortune to Vraja, Gokula, and to the whole world. By this act alone, love will be spread to everyone; therefore, do not hesitate!"

Then, in the presence of the awestruck vraja-vasis, that ethereal voice instructed shy Radhika to accept the royal bathing ceremony. "0 Radhe, do out hesitate to act boldly for the welfare of Your kinsmen and Vrindavana. By this action You will destroy unlimited misery of the world and bestow supreme charity upon all. After all, even the most reserved maidens must give up their shyness when they accept a husband!"

When Radha heard that nectarian message, She embraced Her friends, while the vraja-vasis made ecstatic noises and played musical instruments. When Vrinda-devi announced the news throughout Vraja, the happiness of Sri Krishna knew no bounds.

On the appointed day of the coronation all moving and nonmoving creatures stood transfixed, enchanted by Sri Radhika’s celestial beauty as She ascended the jeweled bathing platform, illuminating the whole of Vrindavana with Her golden luster. Many goddesses from heaven and Vrindavana, like Kalindi [Yamuna], Ekanamsha-devi [Subhadra], Rudrarani [Lord Shiva's wife], and Sachi [the king of heaven, Indra's wife], were present in human forms.
By the order of Paurnamasi the sacred waters of Manasi-Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Sarasvati appeared in scented, jeweled jugs.

Many other golden containers filled with ghee, milk, and yogurt decorated the area. The combined bathing appeared like many streams of nectar flowing down a golden mountain of heavenly bliss to form an effulgent lake of liquid love. When that lake overflowed its bejeweled shores, it extended its influence to the many oceans of the world, and hence to all beings. All the while, the gopis chanted "Jaya! Jaya!", sang wonderful vraja-vasi songs, and danced with great joy. Their happiness pervaded the entire ceremony like sunshine.

After the bathing was complete the gopis dried Sri Radha’s delicate limbs, dressed Her in royal robes, and decorated Her with costly ornaments and scented flowers. Seated on a bejeweled throne, surrounded by Her sakhis, Sri Radha appeared like the empress of divine love who rules the hearts of all purified souls. When the younger sister of Sri Krishna, Ekanamsha-devi, placed Sri Radha’s raja-tilaka on Her forehead, she exclaimed, "Jaya Vrindavaneshvari!" At this, the choruses of "Jaya! Jaya!", the blowing of conches, the sound of the many instruments, and the ulu-dhvani of the gopis caused the demigods to pour a shower of flowers on all, which resembled a heavenly downpour of bliss.

While the inhabitants of Vraja looked on, all the goddesses declared their allegiance and offered gifts to the Queen. Savitri [Lord Brahma's wife] presented Radhika with a lotus garland, Sachi-devi presented a golden throne, Riddhi many ornaments, Rudrani a golden scepter, Shiva a white whisk, Svaha [Agni's wife] a fine sari, and Drumora a jeweled mirror. Meanwhile, all the demigods of heaven played dundubhi drums, sang in jubilation, and ecstatically danced.

When the demigods dispersed and the ceremony was complete, Sri Radha and Her many sakhis retired to a majestic grove to allot responsibilities for the kingdom. After the gopis had been allocated various services and the government posts were occupied, anxious Sri Krishna submitted His desires to the newly appointed Prime Minister, Lalita-devi.

In great ecstasy Lalita told Sri Krishna, "0 Vanamali, everyone has been allotted their services according to their liking. Please tell me what service You desire to render the Queen, for I cannot find any upon which to write your name."

Hearing this, Sri Krishna said with great enthusiasm, "I have a very important service I shall offer the Queen of Vraja. I desire to be the chief of police and wander throughout the land announcing the sovereignty of our Queen."

"If that is Your desire," replied Lalita, "then You must write a letter of application which will be considered for its suitability"

Composing the following letter to the Queen, Sri Krishna writes, "All glory to the lotus feet of the crown jewel of clever girls, who is served by all the monarchs of the world, who is the empress of Vrindavana, the abode of all power, and the very life of Her friends. Standing before You with folded hands, I beg You, accept Me as Your servant and give Me the job of chief of police. Every day and every night I will announce Your glories from village to village. If any thief dares to enter the kingdom, I shall ensure he fails in his purpose. While performing this service I will constantly sing ‘Jaya Jaya Vrindavaneshvari ki Jaya!"

When the sakhis offered their recommendation to the Queen, He received the post of chief policeman and is issued His uniform, ornaments, and suitable implements. Sri Krishna wears a turban of many colors decorated with feathers and red & black gunja beads, an embroidered jacket, and a golden dhoti. In His purple sash is placed a jeweled dagger, on His broad chest the sheriff’s medallion, and in His hand a golden rod of chastisement. Dressed in this way, Sri Hart appears like Yamaraja in the form of the ever-fresh Cupid of Vraja.

As He wanders throughout Vrindavana, all living entities feast their eyes on His beautiful dress, youthful movements, and sweet smile while He proclaims, "0 animals, birds, bees, trees, vines, sky, and wind of Vrindavana, listen to Me, the official representative of the throne upon which the daughter of King Vrishabhanu now sits as the heavenly empowered Queen of Vrindavana! From today you have no other Queen and no other mistress, say I, a lowly servant at Her lotus feet."

Hearing this sweet proclamation of their policeman, all creatures of Vrindavana coo, warble, or hum in happiness. Since Sri Radha is their eternal mistress, they have long given their hearts to Her. Now, caught up in the waves of His ever-expanding bliss, they reconfirm their allegiance to the Queen and ride the moods of Sri Krishna’s ecstasy. At the completion of His first round of duty the enchanted policeman reported the news to the Queen. With a beatific smile, Sri Krishna happily confirmed the universal submission of Her subjects and their satisfaction with Her new rule.

To increase the nectar of His pastimes, unbeknown to anyone Sri Krishna hid His flute in Lalita’s veil. Looking like the very emblem of innocence, pleading for shelter, He complained to the Queen of the theft. Lotus-eyed Vishakha said, "This is good news! That miserable little flute which destroys the chastity of Vraja’s housewives has disappeared. Finally we can sleep peacefully at night and find happiness in our homes."

Srimati Radhika said, "Sakhi Vishakhe! Our kingdom will not prosper if common knowledge has it that theft is an accepted practice here!"

Prime Minister Lalita was irate at the incompetence of the police chief and, demanding His resignation, said, "How can we employ a policeman who cannot protect His own property, what to speak of the property of others? To maintain the integrity of the Queen and the throne, He should resign immediately."

Smiling mischievously, the chief of police submits to the lotus feet of His Maharani this appeal: "0 Goddess, You decide whether I am at fault or not. Being a low-ranking official, what can I do if one of the royal executives has exerted the influence of her office to misappropriate My little flute?"

Hearing this, Prime Minister Lalita orders, "Everyone open their veils and show the policeman whether you have His flute. That corrupt official who is in the possession of the policeman’s flute will be severely punished."

Everyone follows the Prime Minister’s order, and finally Lalita opens her own veil and, lo and behold, out falls the mischievous flute! The Queen and Her ministers and officials are all stunned. The policeman says, "Aha, just see, 0 Queen, the corruption that has filtered into the highest offices of Your court! Such a chief minister should immediately resign, lest the news become public and the good name of the kingdom go to ruin."

Lalita-devi’s rage knew an bounds. It was only her oath of office that kept her from thrashing the policeman. With quivering lips and a flushed face, she said, "You have hidden the flute in my clothes to defame me and usurp the position of Prime Minister. Only someone of Your crooked habits could understand what devious ends You have in mind." Looking like a virtuous subject wrongly accused , Sri Krishna raised His eyebrows as Lalita-devi continued, "You are the culprit! Of that I am sure. Do You dare deny it by taking an oath at the Queen’s lotus feet?"

The ministers all agreed that a deposition at the lotus feet of the Empress would be accepted as conclusive evidence. Reaching forward towards the throne, His eyes filled with tears, His body studded with goose pimples, the chief-of-police’s hands shivered in ecstasy as they touched Her lotus feet. Although Sri Krishna is the very form of rasa [transcendental mellows], He was enchanted by the flavor of transcendental love that is Sri Radha. His voice choked from inertia, His body shivered like a leaf, and currents of ecstasy surged through His being.

Seeing Her beloved shaking in ecstasy, Sri Radha laughed sweetly and held His hand, saying, "0 Nilamani [bluish jewel], please let Me reveal what is on My mind. You have made Me dance as Your puppet, and by Your desire I have become Queen of this land. 0 Govinda, I too have a solitary desire. Give up the dress of a policeman and, accepting the dress of royalty, sit on the throne with Me."

At this request, Vrinda-devi presented Sri Krishna with a beautiful regal dress, divine ornaments, and an emperor’s crown. Donning His attire, Sri Krishna ascended the bejeweled throne and sat on the right side of Sri Radha, while the gopis made the ulu ulu sounds and their servants fanned.

The peacocks and peahens danced, the parrots and their spouses sang and the honeybees and their wives flew about humming ecstatically. The trees, creepers, and animals of Vraja, seeing the unlimited sweetness of the Divine Couple dressed as the King and Queen of Vrindavana and accompanied by the sakhis who played musical instruments, sang in chorus, "Jaya Radhe-Shyama! Jaya Jaya Radhe! Jaya Jaya Shyama!"

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