Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fulfillment of Raghunath's Dasa Gosvami's Desire

The Fulfillment of Shrila Dasa Gosvami's Desire “O Shrinivasa, presently these paddy fields are seen as two kundas full of water. Please listen while I briefly describe the transformation of the two paddy fields into beautiful kundas.

“One day Raghunatha dasa Gosvami suddenly considered to himself that if these kundas were filled with water it would be very good. Considering that for this purpose money would be needed, Raghunatha dasa remained silent. He scolded himself again and again, thinking why he had desired such a thing. Solacing himself, he decided to stay alone and behave cautiously for sometime. However, when a devotee desires something, that cannot be denied, for Krishna always fulfills His devotees' desires.

“Meanwhile, one rich person had gone to Badarikashrama to get the Lord's darshana. He offered Lord Narayana a large sum of money. That night in a dream the Lord ordered the man, `Take this money to Arita-grama in Vraja. There you will find the best of the Vaishnavas, Raghunatha dasa. Give the money to him in My name. If Raghunatha does not agree to take the money, you should remind him about his desire to clean the two kundas for bathing and drinking water.'

“Speaking these words, the Lord disappeared, and that sincere devotee happily came here to Arita-grama. Going before Raghunatha dasa he fell to the ground, offered his obeisances, and then gave the money to Raghunatha. He explained the instruction given to him by the Lord in his dream. Raghunatha became stunned for some time. After some time he repeatedly praised his fortune and requested the rich man to excavate the two kundas without delay. Hearing this, that fortunate man was filled with ecstasy and proceeded to engage many people for the work. Very soon the kundas were dug out. Now hear why Shyama-kunda was dug in an irregular shape.

“Everyone decided that the following day a few old trees on the bank of Shyama-kunda should be cut. That night Raghunatha had a dream in which King Yudhishthira told him, `My brothers and I are living within those trees. Tomorrow morning go to Manasa-pavana-ghata, identify those five trees, and protect them from being cut.' After the dream, Raghunatha went early the next morning to identify the trees and order the people not to cut them. For that reason they could not make Shyama-kunda square. The two kundas were then filled with clear water and Shri Raghunatha became very satisfied.

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