Monday, May 18, 2015


yat kiñcit-tṛṇa-gulma-kīkaṭa-mukhaṁ goṣṭhe samastaṁ hi tat
sarvānandamayaṁ mukuṇḍa-dayitaṁ līlānukūlaṁ param
śāstrair eva muhur muhaḥ sphuṭam idaṁ niṣṭaṅkitaṁ yācñayā
brahmāder api sa-spṛheṇa tad idaṁ sarva mayā vandyate 
Sri Vraja Vilasa Stava (102), Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

I praise the glories of the 
  1. blissful grass, 
  2. bushes, 
  3. creepers, 
  4. insects, 
  5. snakes, 
  6. animals, 
  7. birds and 
  8. other creatures of Vraja. 
All these transcendental beings are very dear to Mukunda because they help in enriching His pastimes and thus increase His pleasure.Their good fortune is coveted by Brahma, Uddhava and others, as is repeatedly and clearly established in Srimad-BhagavatamWhy does a devotee develop the greed to become a tree in Vraja? Because he hopes that “Krsna will sit on my lap, taste my fruits, dance and play hide and seek on my branches.”   

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