Monday, May 18, 2015


This story has been related by Sri Rupa Gosvami in his beautiful poem Hansaduta, "The Swan Messenger." Krsna has gone to Mathura and all the Vrajavasis are suffering without Him. One day at noon Radhika was burning up in separation so She went to the Yamuna with Her sakhis to cool down. On the way She saw a kunjawhere She had shared amour with Krsna many times. Remembering the pastimes They had enjoyed there gave Her so much pain that She fainted on the spot. Her sakhis were so worried, afraid that She had left Her body. When they saw that She was still breathing, they collected wet lotus leaves from the Yamuna and fanned Her to cool Her down. Lalita went to the river to bring water to revive Radhika, and there she saw a swan approaching her. She spoke to the swan, asking him to act as their messenger and go to Mathura right away to tell Krsna of their plight and to inspire Him to return to Vrindavan without delay. In Krsna's absence, the forest is burning up and the peacock has been crying so much that he has lost his color and turned white. Such is the plight of Vraja after Krsna departed.

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