Monday, May 18, 2015

Rupa Mañjari

sri rupa mañjari kararcita padapadma
gostendra-nandana bhujarpita mastakayah

ha modatah kanaka-gauri padaravinda
samvahanani shanakais tava kim karishye
(Vilapa-Kusumanjali 72, Raghunatha dasa Gosvami)

“When will that day come when Rupa Mañjari will call me and order me to do this seva, when Radha and Krsna are both tired from walking here and there in Vrndavana?” Radhika is more soft, so She is more tired. She has put Her head in Krsna’s lap, and Her feet in the lap of Rupa Mañjari. Krsna is gently massaging Her head. And sometimes with His pitambara He is wiping Srimati Radhika’s face very affectionately. And Rupa Mañjari is massaging Her feet very gently, softly and sweetly.
Nearby Rati Mañjari is standing and fanning with a camara. Rupa Mañjari calls her with her eyes, “Come on, come on. I will give you a remnant of maha maha maha prasadam. You should take these feet and gently massage them. I am going to bring water, very beautiful water because They are thirsty.” Saying this, Rupa Mañjari placed those feet in the hands of Rati Mañjari. “When will I have a chance to serve like this? When will Rupa Mañjari and Rati Mañjari give me this remnant of this maha maha maha prasadam?” This is siddha-rupena, serving Them in one's perfected spiritual body

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